All-In-One E-Learning Solution

For companies the expenses of advanced vocational training can be very substantial.

Important reasons for this usually are the associated time exposure for the trainees as well as additional travel-time and -expenses. The most considerable costs for most companies result from the employees’ absence from their usual work during the training. Due to internal production and administration processes companies very often can’t spare employees for trainings.
Nevertheless the demand for continuous internal training has never been higher for companies that want to maintain their competitiveness.

The challenge in vocational education is increasingly to lower the costs while improving the educational standards, and doing all that in a smaller time-frame.

Advanced training programs can become a very substantial cost to a company. Having staff members absent from their usual workplace to attend the training, together with the cost of transportation and other associated expenses render external training expensive. The delicate balance between optimum output and production and optimally trained and efficient staff can be challenging to achieve in this competitive economic climate.

INTEC’s NAuthor-Suite offers a professional Software Solution, where E-Learning is the basis for company-wide blended-learning concepts. Interactive, spatially independent and highly controllable knowledge transfer allows you to react to all kinds of new requirements.

INTEC’s NAuthor-Suite, with E-Learning as the basis, now offers company-wide, integrated learning concepts. The interactive, spatially independent concept is easily manageable and ensures the highest standard of training and up-dating.

NAuthor enables your company to take educational actions that are both spatially independent and certifiable, that work in a small time-frame and are easy to administer and coordinate. You can thus enhance the know-how of your company, the most important factor for productivity and quality. Our e-learning solution and its proven reduction of expenses for educational measures will eventually enhance the profitability of your company.

The NAuthor e-learning solution is based on an open, web based system architecture. With NAuthor INTEC offers a product that guarantees secure investment in the future of your company:

•    Professional transfer of knowledge with regard to quality and costs

•    Learning on Demand and Just-in-Time Training